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Pig Roast

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Pig roast sign

On Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30, the St Columban Knights of Columbus held a pig roast in the cafeteria.  The event went right along with the new school year orientation.  After school parents and their kids finished meeting their teachers, they could come to the cafeteria and have a bite to eat.  All monies raised went to tuition assistance to help families that want to go to St Columban, but could use some help.


The Sign

The first big surprise of the pig roast was the sign brought in my ???.  All the members that saw the sign thought it was amazing!  During the pig roast itself, even the Principle, Mrs Rohten came down to ask where we got that sign.  When we told her that a member made it, she said she'll be asking for some help during the school year.

Enjoying the food

The Food

The food at the pig roast was a flat $5 per plate for a barbecue sandwich, potato chips, and a drink.  Kids could get the same replacing the barbecue sandwich with a hot dog for $3.  Al Montag did all the pig roasting before getting to the cafeteria.  All that was needed was to pull that pork, warm the dogs, and serve.  People started showing up at 1pm.  Everyone that commented said the food was very good.


Unfortunately, attendance at the pig roast was a little disappointing.  We did have a bit of a rush right around 1:30, but it was a slow after that.


At the next meeting, we should get an idea of how much money was raised for the tuition assistance program.  While we would always like to have a bit more to give, this event will help make the St Columban education a reality for some kids that might not get one otherwise.

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